Wednesday, 9 December 2009

How I use my mobile ?!

The mobile is means of communication for wireless , its useful machine .I use my phone to contact my friends and my family , recieve and send massages and jot down some notes , sometimes I listening to music or the radio on my phone . I close my phone after midnight , I have mobile model N95 , its practical mobile , I put my phone on the general situation usually , sometimes I put it silent when I am in lecture or when I am in the mosque to do my prayers .

picture for N95 :-


  1. Mohamed,
    I love your post, and your mobile too:-)
    Can you put all the sentences into one paragraph? Thanks. That will be much better.
    See you at the lab,
    Teacher Hala

  2. That's much better!
    Thanks for doing your tasks on time.
    Teacher Hala
    P.S I still can't see your other posts!