Saturday, 16 January 2010

A day in my life

I remember when I visited Al-Gazira state , It was a very nice day , I visited there because my cousin going to get married ,all my relatives was there , they welcomed us best welcome , I have got to know more people , then I have helped the family in processing of the seats and tables , and also in the food preparation .

After that I went to the saloon to shave my hair then I changed my clothes and bathed , because approached the time of the wedding party , the party was in evening , It was a very nice party , after the end of the party , we went to the my uncle home , and in the next morning we came back to Khartoum .

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bank of the Nile in 1960

In this picture we looking to Omdurman city in 1960.
the sun shining,Generally the sun shines in Omdurman in April,It is usually hot at this time,The men on the left started to cut a piece of wood and they did not finished cutting,...

The merchant with the sunshade come to the river bank to check workers,He come by his car,The driver opened the car door to him.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

How did I spend my Eid !!

I wake up early and then duly washed to go to the mosque to perform the Eid prayer , then I bought a lamb , there was a problem , we didn't found a slaughterer to slay the lamb , because my father was in travel , I searched for slaughterer and I found one , (after slaughter) we made roast and fried meat it was very delicious , then I visited my relatives , I went to Afra mall with my young brother , we played some electronic games , and watched film in the Cinema , last we went back to the home , it was very enjoyable holiday .

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

How I use my mobile ?!

The mobile is means of communication for wireless , its useful machine .I use my phone to contact my friends and my family , recieve and send massages and jot down some notes , sometimes I listening to music or the radio on my phone . I close my phone after midnight , I have mobile model N95 , its practical mobile , I put my phone on the general situation usually , sometimes I put it silent when I am in lecture or when I am in the mosque to do my prayers .

picture for N95 :-


Jiha is the most famous comedy character , and i think its fictional character , and he has the most famous Donkey on the world , I like his stories v.much and I will tell you a little story about Jiha and the Dentist .

"One day Jiha visited the dentist after he felt pain in his teeth , in the dental clinic .

First the dentist said to Jiha : welcome Jiha , set here please .

Jiha : thank you doctor .

Dentist : what you suffer from ?

Jiha : I have had pain in my teeth .

Dentist : let me see your teeth , please .... Ooh , how long have you had the pain?

Jiha : since last night , I ate sweets , my wife gave them to me .

Dentist : you have had a problem with your teeth for a long time .

Jiha : no I have had the pain for only one day .

Dentist : two teeth are bad !! one tooth needs filling , the other tooth must be taken out .

Jiha : WHAT ?!! can't you give me an aspirin ?

Dentist : NO , you need a filling and the other tooth must be taken out .

Jiha : NO , I don't want to lose my teeth , I will go home .

After that Jiha go back to home , at the night the pain became to Jiha , he can't sleep all night , Jiha v.angry .
In the morning Jiha go back to Dentist ... Jiha said "Take off all the teeth and let the bad tooth alone !!!!!!!!! "

Monday, 7 December 2009

How I use Internet :)

I use internet since 2005 when I was in dubai , in the beginning I used it for playing online games, listening to music , chatting with my friends on massenger or chatting website and watching films .

In 2007 I began use internet for learning how to use the internet on many ways like : Upload some files on the web ,sharing Data ,join groups like "" but it was blocked in 2008 .

Now the internet is the most important thing in my life , I spend 6 hours each day on the internet .

My favorite website is : its the most populer online game and I hope to join it .

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

About Myself :)

My name is Mohamed Babiker . and I am a student at the University of Science and Technology, "Department of Computer Science" . I live in the Sudan - Khartoum with my family. I love listening to music, video games and surfing the Internet. I joined a group of Teacher Hala to improve my English.

I wish luck to all colleagues.