Wednesday, 16 December 2009

How did I spend my Eid !!

I wake up early and then duly washed to go to the mosque to perform the Eid prayer , then I bought a lamb , there was a problem , we didn't found a slaughterer to slay the lamb , because my father was in travel , I searched for slaughterer and I found one , (after slaughter) we made roast and fried meat it was very delicious , then I visited my relatives , I went to Afra mall with my young brother , we played some electronic games , and watched film in the Cinema , last we went back to the home , it was very enjoyable holiday .

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  1. Hi Mohamed,
    I am glad you enjoyed your "first" day of Eid! They say that it's cheaper to buy a sheep after the Eid prayer. Is this right?
    You need to delete all the commas and replace them with fullstops. Make short sentences.
    I love the photo!!
    Teacher Hala