Monday, 7 December 2009

How I use Internet :)

I use internet since 2005 when I was in dubai , in the beginning I used it for playing online games, listening to music , chatting with my friends on massenger or chatting website and watching films .

In 2007 I began use internet for learning how to use the internet on many ways like : Upload some files on the web ,sharing Data ,join groups like "" but it was blocked in 2008 .

Now the internet is the most important thing in my life , I spend 6 hours each day on the internet .

My favorite website is : its the most populer online game and I hope to join it .


  1. Dear M.Babiker,
    Where is the post about the famous place? Did you delete it?
    Nice post you added here. I like it!
    Mohamed, you need to re-edit your post to check you capitalization (i). Also, we say
    (In 2007), not on 2007. Do you remember the use of date and time preposition we had in class?.
    Please change the links to the game's website to be hyper-linked.
    Thanks for letting me know about the game website. Maybe I will try it one day:-)
    Good luck,
    Teacher Hala

  2. Sorry for delay ... and i am v.sorry for the grammatical errors ... inshaa allah i will correcting my errors ... and i will add all the post today ...

    Thank you teacher Hala