Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Jiha is the most famous comedy character , and i think its fictional character , and he has the most famous Donkey on the world , I like his stories v.much and I will tell you a little story about Jiha and the Dentist .

"One day Jiha visited the dentist after he felt pain in his teeth , in the dental clinic .

First the dentist said to Jiha : welcome Jiha , set here please .

Jiha : thank you doctor .

Dentist : what you suffer from ?

Jiha : I have had pain in my teeth .

Dentist : let me see your teeth , please .... Ooh , how long have you had the pain?

Jiha : since last night , I ate sweets , my wife gave them to me .

Dentist : you have had a problem with your teeth for a long time .

Jiha : no I have had the pain for only one day .

Dentist : two teeth are bad !! one tooth needs filling , the other tooth must be taken out .

Jiha : WHAT ?!! can't you give me an aspirin ?

Dentist : NO , you need a filling and the other tooth must be taken out .

Jiha : NO , I don't want to lose my teeth , I will go home .

After that Jiha go back to home , at the night the pain became to Jiha , he can't sleep all night , Jiha v.angry .
In the morning Jiha go back to Dentist ... Jiha said "Take off all the teeth and let the bad tooth alone !!!!!!!!! "


  1. Haahahha. I LOVE the story!
    Nice selection, to write about Jiha. You are right, he and his donkey are very famous for their funny and comedian behavior.
    Mohamed, you need some modification with the past tense and the direct/indirect speech. Remind me at the lab to work it out with you.
    Way to go!
    Teacher Hala

  2. This is much better!
    Teacher Hala

  3. Hi Mohamed,

    How interesting; Jiha reminds me so much of an Iranian comic character called Mulla Nasrudin, who also has a donkey and who wears a turban! Maybe they are different versions of the same character?

    I have a copy of some of Mulla Nasrudin's anecdotes in English; it's called "The subtleties of the inimitable Mulla Nasrudin." Here's one of his stories:

    "Get the facts straight"

    A guide was taking a party round the British Museum. "This sarcophagus is five thousand years old.

    A bearded figure with a turban stepped forward.

    "You are mistaken," said Nasrudin, "for it is five thousand and three years old."

    Everyone was impressed, and the guide was not pleased.

    They passed into another room. "This vase," said the guide, "is two thousand five hundred years old." "Two thousand five hundred and three," intoned Nasrudin.

    "Now look here," said the guide, "how can you date things so precisely? I don't care if you do come from the East, people just don't know things like that."

    "Simple," said Nasrudin. "I was last here three years ago. That time you said the vase was two thousand five hundred years old."

    Moral: It's later than you think.

    Hoped you liked it! :-) Take care!

  4. Dear Susan,
    What a funny story to start my day with! Yes, I guess Nasrudin character is another version of Juha in classical Arabic.
    Thanks for dropping by Mohamed's blog! That was very encouraging indeed:-)
    Take care,
    Teacher Hala